Proven Applications

SpiraLith®CaTM is a product of Micropore, an ISO 9001 manufacturing company that produces advanced absorbent systems for the most critical rebreathing and life support applications.

Military, commercial and recreational
scuba diving

Micropore absorbents are a mainstay in scuba diving rebreathers for military, commercial and recreational applications.
  • Solved the “caustic cocktail” problem U.S. Navy SEALs had been experiencing for years
  • Now used in all of the U.S. Navy’s LAR V rebreathers


Micropore technology provides life-saving support to submarine crews where space is critical. Case Study:
U.K. Ministry of Defence
  • Provides 7 days of life support compared to 3-4 days with granules without increasing storage footprint.
  • Available as both active CO2 absorption (powered scrubber systems) and passive CO2 absorption (hanging sheets)
  • The product of choice for NATO submarines including the British Royal Navy.

Mining and emergency response

Micropore absorbents protect the lives of miners and rescue teams in times of emergency.
  • Used in mine safety equipment such as self-contained self-rescuers (SCSRs) and escape hoods
  • Provides oxygen and scrubs CO2 in safety shelters while miners await rescue