The SpiraLith®Ca Advantage

Consistent Performance

SpiraLith®Ca performs more predictably and absorbs more CO2

  • Molded airways eliminate channeling
  • Reduces waste
  • Ensures longer, more predictable performance

SpiraLith Ca Has The Most Accurate and Easy to Use Color Indicator

  • Saves Money and Time.
  • Reduces Operating Room Waste
  • Higher cartridge utilization, fewer change-outs

Patient Safety

SpiraLith®Ca protects patients and operating room staff

  • Produces little or no compound A or carbon monoxide — protecting patients from harmful byproducts (eliminate and staff)
  • Solid construction produces virtually no dust — protects everyone in the operating room from particles that disperse and irritate airways
  • Safe to use at all fresh gas flow rates

Equipment Safety

SpiraLith®Ca protects your equipment

  • Absorbent powders are bound by a polymer matrix
  • Eliminates equipment issues from the caustic dust that is common to granular absorbents
  • Allows for quicker and easier equipment clean-up

Cost Savings

SpiraLith®Ca delivers cost-saving advantages to your hospital

  • SpiraLith Ca is designed to be compatible with low flow anesthesia.
  • By eliminating concerns over harmful by products, hospitals can take advantage of additional savings.

Environmentally Responsible

SpiraLith®Ca helps your hospital meet its green initiatives

  • SpiraLith Ca is the only CO2 absorbent recycled by the manufacturer — relieves hospital of the cost and burden of disposal
  • Protects the environment from caustic waste
  • Volatile anesthetic agents are greenhouse gasses, which adversely affect the environment
  • Sevoflurane, desflurane and isoflurane are from 240 to almost 4,000 times more harmful to the environment than CO2
  • SpiraLith Ca lets you safely consider lower flow rates,which are safe for the environment and save money